Brenda_42334 about 1 year ago

How to delete sent messages on the Kyocera DuraXT?

How do you delete the send message file? It is getting long and I need to clean it up.?

  • Grindale about 1 year ago

    Highlight a thread and press Ok to display the messages sent to and received from a particular contact. Select a message, press Options (right softkey) and select an option:

    Delete - to delete the selected message
    Delete All - to delete all messages

  • doug_7505 about 1 year ago

    Enter your code (mine was last four of phone number)
    Delete Stuff

  • Ryan Rainbolt 11 months ago

    How do you delete a sent message on the sprint kyocera phone

  • How do you delete contacts or contacts phone number off the send message area on DuraXT phone by Kyocera. I have texts sent to me by mistake and texts I have sent and there seems not to be away to delete these contacts or phone numbers. I can delete the message but cant get the phone number deleted and the list of numbers is getting lond. Thank you. Herb

  • Herb_71842 about 1 month ago

    can anyone answer the above question?

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