4 years ago

What to do if unable to receive the second part of a text message on a LG Rumor?

I also have started to recieve a square box as the 2nd part of my text. Has it just started happening in January? Any idea how long the ticket will take to be resolved?

  • Hi Hopefull2! Which service provider are you with? If this problem happens regularly, chances are that there might be a problem with your service provider. Contact them and let them know about this so they can do something about it.

  • Christina_13270 4 years ago

    Hey hopefull2!

    Are you by any chance with Virgin? I have the lg rumor as well, and I havent been able to receive 2 -part texts for like 3 months...I kept calling in and complaining, and now virgin says they'll cover me getting a new cell. See if you can get the same deal....the problem doesnt go away

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