Anonymous_89563 over 2 years ago

Which is the better phone between th Blacberry 9300, LG Optimus Chat and LG Optimus One?

I'm thinking of getting a cell phone through Koodo. Either on the tab or buying it outright. Besides making phone calls I would likely use the wifi on these devices for email, checking maps, phone numbers when I'm in a wifi hotspot (library, cafe etc). I haven't quite decided if I want a data plan yet. May start off with wifi. Data plans start at $5.00 for up to 5 mb. I'm not a big texter so the up to 50 text message would be plenty for me with the canada wide plans (thinking of $20.00 a month plan with 100 minutes)

Out of all the above phones which one would you recommend? Internet, email work good on all the above or one better than the other?

  • Grindale over 2 years ago

    You can view a side-by-side comparison of all 3 phones here.
    We also have reviews which you can read to find out which of these phones best suits you.
    - BlackBerry 9300 Reviews
    - LG Optimus Chat Reviews
    - LG Optimus One Reviews

  • Anonymous_89563 over 2 years ago

    Thanks for your help grindale! I looked at the side by side comaparison. Very helpful.

  • cc_14611 about 1 year ago

    I own this phone and it has terrible battery life, it does not hold data, ive sent it back 4 times for having it shut off fast and not allowing me to do anything, i cant have games on it because it already has so much data on it and i cant get rid of it. Overall i would think it is a hard phone to deal with it is better for someone who mostly texts and calls on it, but not for someone to play games on or use internet access.

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