Tori_65024 3 years ago

How to fix message settings on the LG Xpression?

Why can't I text anymore on my phone? I was messing with the settings yesterday and now I can't send texts?

  • Just do a master reset to restore the settings stored in the handset memory back to default values.

  • Tori, here's how to do a master reset:

    1. From the standby screen, tap the Menu icon.
    2. Tap the Settings tab, then tap Phone.
    3. Tap Reset Settings.
    4. Tap Master Reset.
    5. Tap Yes to confirm.
    6. Enter the device's password, then press OK. source

    NOTE: The default password is 0000.

  • Call your carrier to get the message center number for your phone.

  • Carajean 3 years ago

    This piece was cogent, well-wrttien, and pithy.

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