brynn_10825 3 years ago

How much does it cost to buy out a Bell contract?

I've had my blackberry for 11 months and it stopped working. In case they don't give me a new one, I would like to know how much it is to buy out of my three year contract.

  • Hi there! It would cost you $100.00 or $20.00 per month for each month remaining in the contract to a maximum of $400.00, whichever is greater, for a contract cancellation.

  • Angie_91162 3 years ago

    What if I just want to change to a different phone, but keep the plan?

  • Neila about 1 year ago

    Then they just call it an early renewal fee. It is the same thing. $20/month left. Con artists if you ask me. I have been lied too so much by Bell employees. Used to love them. Not anymore. Considering buying out my contract and jumping to Virgin.

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