JoJo_22329 about 1 year ago

How to use Mi-Easy Access?

  • Use Mi-EasyAccess on the lock screen to access up to six apps without having to first unlock your phone .

    Customizing Mi-EasyAccess
    1 . From the home screen, tap Apps > Mi-EasyAccess .
    2 . To add an app to an empty slot, tap +and tap the app you’d like to add .
    3 . To remove an app, tap 'x' in the corner of the icon .

    Using Mi-EasyAccess
    1 . Press the Power key to wake the phone .
    2 . Spread two fingers apart on the screen to open the options menu .
    3 . Tap the app you’d like to access .

  • misty_36002 9 months ago

    this does not workwhat else can I try to get it to open you can't even see it from my lock screen no matter what I do

  • SpectralSpartan 8 months ago

    Doesn't work on my valet, any suggestions?

  • Shel_63011 4 months ago

    I added the app to the "Mi-easy access" wheel. Now when I wake the phone, spread open the "Mi-easy access" wheel and push a deletes. i thought it would go to that particular app I just touched. Help

  • patricia 3 months ago

    when I tap on my app it deletes itoff the MI circle

  • cow 9 days ago

    same problem as patricia

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