Lou_12539 3 years ago

How to get the Huawei Ascend out of Safe Mode?

How do I get my huawei ascend out of safe mode? It is making calls on it's own to the same # over and over again....tried taking ouut the battery with no success!?

  • Try removing the battery for a minute or longer.

  • scotty s about 1 year ago

    I can't get my huawei m860 out of safe more. Battery removal doesn't work and noise track and power button method won't work either.

  • salam khan about 1 year ago

    how to get huawei y511 off safe mode

  • ramesh about 1 year ago

    How to take out the safe mode

  • SAN about 1 year ago

    Just restart your mobile. It ll automatically come out of it.
    Sometimes partially installed apps will also be installed completely

  • If after restart and your phone is still in safe mode, uninstall the last app you installed, then restart again.

  • sasikumar about 1 year ago

    Safe mode of

  • asma about 1 year ago

    i delete all programs , i was closed my phone one day but still (safe mode ) how i can remove safe mode plz help me

  • Hmm.. Was wondering, can you guys check your volume keys if they are sort of stuck?

  • dolots about 1 year ago

    My phone is in same mode. I make factory reset then still in same mode. And in almost 2 days, how many times i reformat it, still d same..

  • sam 10 months ago

    How to remove the safe mode on huawei g610 ?

  • tayeeb 9 months ago

    What should be done when volume key is struct

  • colt01 5 months ago

    How to get rid of safe mode, with huawei Y635 ?

    Thank's for your answers.

  • arthur afable 5 months ago

    my G610 U20 is been on safe mode for two days now. all apps that was downloaded disappeared (facebook,cleanmaster,all games,etc...) I tried directions for rebooting,taking out battery,reseting to factory settings but safe mode is still on! need help please!!! thank you in advance!!!

  • saman 2 months ago

    pls help to set out of safe mode huwaei honor holly phone,i tried to reboot does not work....

  • SANJEEWA 2 months ago

    how to get huawei ascend y 511 out of safe mode

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