Roger _42250 4 years ago

How to download pictures from the LG Wine to a computer?

  • Here are some options on how you can transfer pictures from your LG Wine:

    Using a USB connection:
    The LG Wine UX280 is compatible with the "USB Mass Storage" norm. Get a USB cable (There might be one in your LG Wine UX280 package) and, linking your LG Wine UX280 to your computer should make it appear as a memory key. Open it and just drag and drop files straight from your phone to your desired folder in your computer.

    Using Bluetooth:
    Your LG Wine UX280 is Bluetooth-compatible. Bluetooth is a wireless system which lets you connect your cell phone to other devices. If your computer is also Bluetooth-enabled, simply connect both devices and transfer any file from your computer to your LG Wine UX280.

  • rodney_6987 4 years ago

    When i connect my lg 280 to pc with usb cable nothing happens.
    I desparately want to download pics from phone. Then am getting a new phone.
    This lg 280 is junk! I have 2 cables but same with both.

    Thanks for any help.

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