bob_97648 about 1 year ago ago

How do I delete pictures from gallery of the Kyocera Event?

  • Open the Gallery and view a picture. With the picture displayed, press the Menu key, then choose Delete.

  • Dia about 1 year ago

    Actually if your phone is synced with your Google account the picture will keep coming back no matter how much you try to delete it. So go to Settings then Accounts & sync and click the Google account and uncheck the Google photos option this should allow you to delete a picture without it coming back. I turned off my phone and then it actually took awhile but when the gallery refreshes itself they should delete permanently. hope that helps!

  • confused as hell about 1 year ago

    Okay so i erase the picture but it comes back later how do i fix that?

  • maria_18290 6 days ago

    How do I delete photos from my Kyocera phone

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