jimmy_25162 about 1 year ago

How to fix a stuck BlackBerry trackball?

I haved a blackberry pearl and the ball will not turn , how do you fix. Is there a serial number inside the pearl? i think someone switched phones with me.

  • Grindale about 1 year ago

    Which exact BlackBerry Pearl model do you have?

  • Grindale about 1 year ago

    As for checking if your phone got switched with someone else's, just check the phone content such as messaging, contacts and photos.

  • jimmy_25162 about 1 year ago

    Problem is the sim card may have been switched

  • Grindale about 1 year ago

    Using another phone, call your own number and see if your phone rings. If it does, then SIM card wasn't switched. If it doesn't, then you can say that it was switched. Call your provider and let them know that your SIM card has been lost. They will suspend the number until you retrieve it back or they may give you a new SIM with the same old number you have.

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